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LEARN MORE Add guests to your Office 365 Group If you regularly collaborate with partners who are outside of your school or organization then you know how difficult it can be to keep them in the loop. When you add guests to your Office 365 group, you grant them access to all information within the group, including conversations, calendar, project notes, and so on.

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I have a recurring weekly appointment in Outlook, and I wanted to change the time of the appointment. You’d think you could change all the times going forward? Outlook warns you that if you make a change, all exceptions will be lost. It changes the time of every appointment – including appointments that occurred in the past. This tip comes from a site devoted to Outlook tips. It allows you to convert the dates you want to keep into non-recurring, individual appointments.

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With One Drive, you can upload an refreshed version of an email attachment at any time.

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Set permissions on One Drive email attachments If you send a link to an attachment stored on One Drive, you now have more control over who can read or who can edit your attachment.

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