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Regards.) I’ve teased the topic of dating with a disability a bit in some of my past posts, and it’s a topic that’s already been covered elsewhere on this blog, but I thought that I would finally step up to the plate and provide a guy’s perspective on what it’s like dating with a disability.

The wheelchair itself carries a certain negative, unattractive social stigma, and until some hunky singer comes out with a “She Makes My Wheelchair Sexy” type song that sweeps the nation then it might not change. Instead, a typical exchange with a girl involves her looking at my wheelchair first, then my legs in “I wonder why they don’t work” fashion, then my face, then the wheelchair/legs again, then dismissively away.

It also makes it impossible to flaunt my goods to the ladies because they can’t check out my stride or how I carry myself, my chest/back/shoulders/butt, and those kinds of observations used to gauge initial levels of attractiveness in others. That’s always tough and makes for frustrating and unsuccessful attempts to initiate contact.

In short, it’s very difficult; and stated more accurately it sucks.

The most obvious issue to start with is that having a disability (spinal cord injury quadriplegic) and being in a wheelchair puts me at a major disadvantage with women as compared to able-bodied men.

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