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Since Spring WS doesn’t use a service contract, you must know the request and response type.The test below demonstrates how to create and instantiate a request object of a JAXB generated class, call the marshall Send And Receive method with it and how to cast the response object to an object of the JAXB generated response class.SOAPException Impl: Unable to create envelope from given source: The server encountered an internal error (Request processing failed; nested exception is org.SOAPException Impl: Unable to create envelope from given source: ) that prevented it from fulfilling this util.Request processing failed; nested exception is org.

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The JAXP version seems to be 1.3 ("3" prints out when I run the Jaxp Version() inside the server). Payload Validating Interceptor: sample wiring sought Good morning to you all, I am looking for a sample wiring of a Payload Validating Interceptor.The client part of Spring WS can validate the parsed XML before it sends the XML document.You only need to specify a validator interceptor in the configuration and reference to it from the Web Service Template bean.I implemented two test cases inside our Spring JUnit4Class Runner using the springframework.xml-validator engine and validation classes to validate the payload outside of the WS against the schema. Does anybody knows a reason why the validation inside the WS behaves different to the manual validation? t=26685 when using more than one schema element for Payload Validating Interceptor it only uses the first in the list.

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