Peverted adult chat

"Daviewants2" is easily one of the most disturbing chat-logs ever posted on

Long-time readers remember it being posted and then removed.

chat user rooms in the past week.” read more on this topic from the electric new paper and cnet. , although it didn't really have much of a choice. not that this kind of stuff should be tolerated in any way, shape, or form, but isn't this unfortunately commonplace on the internet? i question if any children actually went to those rooms.

most likely, those rooms were filled with old, fat men wanking off to each other.

This is when my contact with Detective Roberts of the Suffolk County, NY, police began.

Notes from Jay Alternative: We originally posted Michael Coffey back in August of 2004.The reason was speculated on but should have been obvious...police interest in the case asked us to take it down while they went after the man later known as Michael reported by a houston, texas tv station, men were posting sexually explicit photographs while chatting about sex with underaged girls.once the news hit the air, the heat started beating down on yahoo!

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