Photostream not updating on macbook pro

If you want to use i Cloud Photo Library instead, this article should help.For Photo Stream to work you’ll need to have an active i Cloud account.

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This only happens on one machine (pictures on i are OK, as well as on a second Sierra machine and two i OS devices).One of the greatest features of both Mac OS X and i OS these days is i Cloud, Apple’s solution to cloud storage.Although there is an assortment of advantages to using i Cloud — i.e.the ability to automatically sync our calenders, reminders, notes, contacts, and other important content across Apple devices — none of them are quite as time saving as the intuitive Photo Stream.With Photo Stream turned on, your i OS device will automatically upload a copy of every photo you capture via any available Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, essentially allowing you to share communal albums with whoever you choose and ditch manual uploads altogether.

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