Php code for validating date az rbaycan dating dostlar

PHP will assume that you meant a string, but it is best to be explicit. you use date(Y) as opposed to date('Y'), this issues a notice error.This routine DOES NOT check that the date or time input values are valid, just that they match the required format (d/m/y and h:m). Once you're in control of the input format, it's a lot easier to check that the values are actually valid.

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The expressions use a pre-defined class is returned which enables the form to be submitted.

Goal: To create a countdown to our next available live stream. Once you calculate the next live stream time from your current time, simply pass those values to mktime() and do a time() - mktime() and thats how many seconds you have until the event.

Details: We live stream six times a week all (PST). mktime produces a UNIX timestamp, so you can pass that to the date() function or into a Date Time object to format, change timezone, etc.

In this example, the date fields will only accept input that matches the pattern 'dd/mm/yyyy' (this could just as easily be changed to 'yyyy-mm-dd' or 'mm/dd/yyyy').

The time field will allow input starting with 'hh:mm' following by an optional 'am' or 'pm'. The code behind the form is as follows: For each field in the form (first the dates, then the time field), a check is made as to whether the input is blank.

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