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Parineeti isn't your average girl next door, with the kind of infectious energy she exuberates, on and off screen; she has managed to floor us all.The young and talented actress has climbed her way up the success ladder quite effortlessly and she definitely is every man's dream.Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Lowa, Army School in Bareilly and Jai Hind College in Mumbai.Before starting her acting career, she has also worked as a model which helped her win 'Miss World' title in 2000.We were shooting for the song Bol Do Na Zara which means say what I want to say. I thought it was a joke and that they were pulling a prank And then I told them I am will charge extra. Yes because they kept cutting it many times and I was like what’s wrong and they would say camera, camera. I was like how can I say anything as my lips are always stuck to his(Emraan). Au gré des affectations de ses parents, elle fréquente de nombreux établissements scolaires dont l'école La Martinière de Lucknow et des lycées américains.Elle commence des études supérieures à l'université Jai Hind (Mumbai) mais les abandonne rapidement pour se présenter à des concours de beauté.

Places she has been to study : La Martiniere Girls School in Lucknow, Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts, John turned out that Parineeti did the entire English and Maths exams for her friend who went blank during the exam …are you supposed to explain to a three – year-old that she was wrong in cheating for her friend or give her a big hug for coming to her friend’s rescue … Shivang Chopra is Parineeti Chopra’s younger brother. She loves cracking jokes and knows the man who she will marry will end up laughing for the rest of life. But why do you think Cricket and Bollywood click often? These two professions Bollywood and the sports space are romantic in their own ways. Are you saying that you are open to the idea of having an affair with a married man in future? I am very loyal on my decisions on how I want to live with my life and my morals and values for myself. But whatever I do, I know how sensitive I am and I am very sensitive to other people as well. If anyone is his friend that person is lucky to have him in his life. While that man could or couldn’t be Uday Chopra, she is sure that the latter will be a part of her life forever. Two people who are busy working and always in the limelight seek to see each other and it becomes exciting and romantic. In the movie, we touch on every aspect of Azhar’s life and not just his cricketing career. How was it locking lips with serial kisser Emraan Hashmi? I think the situation then (between Azhar and Sangeeta) must have been that of a lot of love and lust. Well, yes because I never met the person and saw only videos, I didn’t think much about.

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