Ptsd dating veteran

One Desert Storm veteran's journey through life after childhood and the Desert-- trying to make it through college, PTSD, lack of sleep, studying, failure, success, homelessness, and all things in between. Are you willing to tell your family when you bring me along for Thanksgiving dinner that I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression... That I'm a regular visitor to the mental health clinic at the VA hospital? All of these guys are coming back from the war with mental health issues...

If I tell you what I dream about, what I see when I daydream, what will your reaction be? What about that guy in that other state that woke up choking his wife a few months after he got back from the war, do you want to wind up like his wife?

Hey all, I am looking for some insight and help here. He was in the Army for 15 years, 7 of which were active (the rest Reserves).

I often find myself quoting him, and I think of him all the across an article I think he would like or want to discuss with him, when I see something funny, etc.Or someone says something, intentionally or not, about the war or the military that's so wrong that I have to correct them... I wish I had a collection of answers to write about, but I only have my own experiences.I'm single, I'm not seeing anyone, and haven't been out on a date since July. On the other hand, if you read the romantic advice forums around the web, you hear words like "ticking time bomb" and "run for your life" given to people who are either dating, or attached to, veterans with PTSD.We met online on a dating site and hit it off very quickly through a shared interest in politics, literature, history, long conversations, writing, great music, and so on.We text a lot- daily and have met, and the chemistry is definitely there.

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