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The news has been awash today with stories of a Russian website which links to webcam streams from around the world.

Webcam spying came to headline news earlier this year when news broke of a "sextortion" situation in which Miss Teen USA was surreptitiously photographed by a remotely-hacked webcam.

Ostensibly, the hacker infected the pageant winner's computer with spyware, using remote access tools to secretly enable the webcam.

The victory gave them six points from three games, along with UAE, but Saudi Arabia and Australia moved ahead of them with seven points.

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It is incomplete, and never will be complete because of Rune Scape's constantly changing vocabulary and community, so please add to it. Applies to the dragon two-handed sword (D2h), dragon battleaxe (Dba), dragon boots (Dboots), dragon hatchet (Dhatchet, Daxe), dragon chainbody (Dchain), dragon pickaxe (Dpick), dragon full helm (Dfh, Dfull), dragon helm (Dmed), dragon platelegs (Dlegs), dragon plateskirt (Dskirt), dragon longsword (Dlong), dragon platebody (Dplate, Dpl8). A sarcastic comment, to the effect that some feature change will destroy the game.

But more troublingly, he had also planted the spyware on the systems of strangers across the country, proving that proximity isn't required to infiltrate someone's system.

But while hacking using trojan horse viruses is the most malicious way to infiltrate a system, shifty websites sometimes use basic techniques that take advantage of human behavior patterns.

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For those who don't know what they are, you will find them both in the settings page of your router. Once there, use WPA2 encryption to password protect your router. The same applies with SSID, which is what broadcasts the name of your router.

It can normally be switched off very easily in the settings page of the device.

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