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There are lots of things that can create mistrust in a relationship, from lies to untrustworthy behavior, bad habits and infidelity.

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"Trust between couples can be defined as knowing that your partner’s intentions are honorable. You must both appreciate that to move forward honesty is the crucial ingredient. If you're coming clean to your partner, be sure to start the discussion with terms of endearment.Because when your heart flutters, there are no rules. If even going out for dinner gets transformed into ordering takeout, it's because he doesn't want to waste time not being snuggled up to you, right? It's okay because you wise up sooner or later, but during those moments your guy can do no wrong.Say your new love is super into the punk scene and you, well, haven't picked up an album of that sort since you were in high school and learned how to use a heavy hand with eyeliner.A lack of honesty can erode the foundation of a relationship, leaving a couple confused and insecure about their connection and life," says Dr. Words such as "honey" or "my love" can go a long way in helping your mate understand you still care deeply about them.Common sense seems to go right out the window when you get into a new relationship. No problem, you'll just battle the elements right quick and show up at the bar exhausted, broke, and wet if you have to.

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