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Race Info Number of Players: 1-16Rank Required: 1Type: Bike Race (Motorcycles)Vehicle: Sanchez Distance: 3.16 miles Terrain: Off-road / Mountain Before you begin this race, you need to know a bit about the vehicle you'll be driving.

For Over the Top II, you will only be able to use a Sanchez motorcycle.

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She's been in her dressing room rehearsing her part a...

The beginning of the race starts off fairly normal.

You can actually go full speed through the early turns without worrying too much about losing control of the motorcycle or running off the road.

It may seem far fetched, but it’s possible to get to an emotional place where rejection isn’t a big deal at all. Getting upset about rejection simply bogs you down. The sooner you can get over it and move on, the sooner you can get back out there to meet someone great.

When you learn how to deal with rejection so that it makes you stronger instead of just making you feel more insecure, it definitely gets easier.

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