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She also is not the only girl who wears those rings I think in apink (not sure but I think Eunji) and in T-ara some of them wear them in public too so if they wear them then I'm sure non celebs wear them too. But 'Fans' got involved with HAND RECOGNITION of SULLI and CHOIZA (via his cousin TOPBOB) ...

Nam Taehyun leaving WINNER came as a shock to fans yesterday.

She was placed in the K-pop girl group Chakra, along with Eeni, Eun and Hwangbo; their first album was released in 2000.

But Jung's morale was at a low in 2002, saying she sometimes felt alienated from her fellow Koreans, and was uncomfortable with the sexy clothes she was made to wear as a singer.

As reports, the agency claimed the Taehyun’s mental health was interfering with WINNER’S current promotional activities so they had to cut him loose.Therefore, we judged that it’s impossible for him to carry on promotions with WINNER,” the statement continued.“YG and the other members have put Taehyun’s mental health as the main priority and decided to wait for his recovery.Ha Moo Yeom, Gap Dong ile bağlarını kesmek amacıyla dedektif olur.Ha Moo Yeom'un 20 yıl önce ortadan kaybolan Gap Dong ile talihsiz bir ilişkisi vardır.

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