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QUESTION #43) Brandon asked: How do you have a bf/gf relationship with the opposite sex without worrying about their race or skin color becoming a problem?” DAWSON: Dating someone of a different race can be a challenge, but not necessarily for the two people dating each otherit’s usually only a problem with people outside of the relationship.This sounds like a typical Romeo & Julietkind of scenariotwo people from different backgrounds or cultures coming together to prove to the world that love can rise above all our differences.Sometimes it may seem like everything is working against you just to make relationships even more difficult. If you only knew what people went through in their own lives, you’d see how challenging all relationships can be.

One of these difficult challenges is brought up in Brandon’s question here.White folks, both male and female, overwhelmingly made more contact with whites, which is hardly surprising since there are more white people on the site to choose from.White folks were the most likely to seek out people of another race.Online dating sites like Ok Cupid and Tinder have given researchers a new window into how people conceptualize what they want (or don’t want) in a romantic partner.As it turns out, race is a huge factor when it comes to making romantic connections online, one that puts certain groups at persistent, structural disadvantages.

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