Seventeen magazine dating articles

The miraculous evacuation recalled another time when a British army had been swept to the sea at Corunna in Spain, 131 years before.

Then, in January 1809, a British transport fleet had snatched some 14,000 of Sir John Moore's troops from the forces of Napoleon. This old print, sketched on scene, shows British transports in Corunna harbor, a relatively peaceful sight in days before aircraft and high explosives.

Annenberg is a former ambassador to Britain and former head of Triangle Publications, publisher of TV Guide and Seventeen magazine.There are featured looks that come straight from you favorite celebrities.You will look like you belong on the red carpet after using the makeup and style tips from magazine help you to look as great as your favorite celebrities, but you will also know all about their latest exploits.Articles on physical fitness, mental health, and relationships are also regular features.Modern teenagers have a wide range of interests, so the editors of Seventeen strive to publish something for everyone in each issue.

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