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“This happened in what is supposed to be one of the safest places. Holliway asked the younger inmate several times why he was arrested, but he ignored the questions. The assault left him physically and emotionally scarred. Holliway is charged with first-degree sexual abuse. Marshals Service and the court declined to comment on what happened on Veterans Day as the inmates waited to be taken back to the D. The inmate, who is accused of attacking a man with a box cutter at a liquor store, was at court that day for a judge-ordered psychological evaluation following his arrest last month. Jail and Prison Advocacy Project, called the alleged assault “horrific.” “Leaving defendants unsupervised and cameras unmonitored puts individuals in danger.Only on our site you can browse through thousands of high quality content.

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Adult content is a concern for those browsing webcam sites. On others, such content is allowed but only in a designated adult section which is unavailable to general viewers and is often rated according to the nature of the material.

Privacy is sometimes catered for with sites such as offering password-protection, ensuring only designated people can view member's broadcasts.

The Marshals Service also would not discuss the staffing at the time, or how often marshals are required to check on inmates.

After Holliway told him “I need to make sure you’re not a cop,” the younger inmate said Holliway threw him to the floor, then dragged him across the floor by the shackles around his ankles to a small area behind a metal divider where the toilet is located.

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