Dating in the digital age gives dating a whole new spectrum of do’s and don’ts.

While I typically shy away from any hard fast rules, I do believe that some best practices and guidelines still apply. Frequently you’re faced with the dilemma of “should I” or “should I not” give out my number, what and what to not send out and how long you should engage in virtual conversation before you meet in real life or face to face.

Apparently being too eager and actually showing you’re interested is a bad idea and it scares people off. Why You Don’t Need To Play Hard To Get When you’ve met someone new and you really like them it’s easy to get excited, especially if they like you too. People who “love the chase” aren’t looking for anything real, they’re looking to play. Leave something to the imagination and show them why you’re so interesting.

You want to start planning your happily forever after but everyone tells you that you should let them sweat before letting them know your true feelings. They tell you that this person will appreciate you more if they have to chase you. I’ve tried both playing hard to get and being a willing eager participant. Know yourself, share your experiences and what you are passionate about.

Don’t throw yourself at them but don’t give them a hard time either.

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If you’ve been searching for the best first date tips ever assembled, you’ve come to the right place!

So when you have a great date with someone, your expectation is that they call back because they had a great time too. On the other side you’ve got the ones that think about it and realized that perhaps you weren’t the right one for them or they went on a date with someone else and clicked more with them than you.

Take Care, Suzie.” It’s polite to say thank you and paints you in a positive light.

Just don’t make it a big conversation or send anything lengthy or be clingy or over text.

Why is that a problem if you both really like each other?

Let’s Get Real When you go on your first couple of dates it’s easy to get carried away if you have great chemistry with them. Your standards and logic go out the window and in flies expectation, excitement, impulsiveness and irrationality.

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