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He also says Aubree has received approximately ,000 to date from MTV, but that money is in an account that only Chelsea can access. ” The Ashley’s Reality Roundup fact checked a lot of what Adam said about salaries, and most all of it checks out.

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#crymeariver invested more in a corvette in one month than he has paid in child support for his entire child’s life. Guess her lil pig 6 dogs new jeep and house just isn’t enough and needs some extra $$… But they will do what they need to for their ratings for season 8… I fly out to NYC for season 7 reunion show with their “stars”… Been paying 0/mo for 6 years, same as an unemployed dad.

Magistrates in Manchester were told she had split up with her boyfriend following a 'discussion' over the identity of the unborn child's father.

On Thursday Cullinane, who arrived late for court sporting pink hair and purple lipstick, admitted two charges of assault by beating.

He is ranting on his instagram to all the thirsty girls. Gotta stick up for my girls OK, here is all the rest: ADAM: Chelsea won’t respond or cooperate without a lawyer … Court ordered to pay medical insurance since Aubree was born.

Weird how they both file for more $$ right when season 7 is coming to an end … Sorry bout that folks but idc anymore I’m done with the show..

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