Stretch marks and dating

Stretch marks are a source of annoyance for people of all ages all over the world, and particularly for women who’ve given birth.

Whilst stretch marks tend to fade gradually over time, one Brazilian tattoo artist has come up with an ingenious way to camouflage them until they naturally disappear.

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Rapid pregnancy weight gain can also make you more likely to get stretch marks.

Because they are bleaching shamelessly, they have stretch marks so their body is coke and Fanta. They can be so disgusting.5.) They have stretch marks:- Yeah. They have stretch marks and that is the reason why you should run from them. Nigeria women using pregnancy as excuse for everything. They have children too [email] "Why we shouldn't date them"? Another war against ladies with stretch marks In as much as I don't want to sound discriminatory; though I don't know about others for as for me, a lady with stretch marks is a big turn off...While they typically occur mostly on pregnant women, they also appear on post-pubescent teens, weightlifters, those who have gained weight quickly and basically anyone and everyone who has skin. I always had light-colored marks on my hips and breasts from when I went through puberty, but they didn't stick out too much, so I never concerned myself with them.I used to see friends with darker marks on them and think to myself how lucky I was not to have to deal with that.Stretch marks are actually tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under your skin as it's pulled tight to the limit during pregnancy.Susceptibility has lots to do with genetics: Chances are, if your mother got them, you probably will too - while if she sailed through her pregnancies with smooth skin intact, you'll probably stay as smooth as your baby's butt.

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