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There's a whole lot of fun new features on the Tamatown Tama-Go, and it's certainly shaping up to be interesting for both old and new fans... Through the Tamagotchi's life, they will need to be punished or praised, which brings up their "Training" meter.Though now, if you catch your Tamagotchi about to use the bathroom, selecting the "Toilet" icon right before will increase training too.

I got the Memetchi Tama-Go and I got another figure and faceplate of Chamametchi.

Notes: The Mesutchi and Osutchi were released in December of 1997 in Japan only.

They feature interlocking mating using the same interlocking technology that Digimon used to connect, in which the tops of each Tamagotchi would lock together so that they could communicate with each other.

You can only buy food items with this kuchipatchi version, and if you connect the kutchipatchi figurine that the top, then you can play one additional game (without the figurine, the tamagotchi has 2 games on it).

I think the purpose of this tamagotchi is to collect all the figurines that you can attach to the top of it - with each figurine, i believe you get 2 extra games, and also the ability to buy extra food and also items that don't appear in the normal shop you visit.

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