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“He was always friendly and funny with me,” Reubens said.In addition to the cash prizes from “Gong Show,” the “booby prizes” for losing were also memorable.The money helped him focus on his craft as an actor and comedian with the Groundlings improv group.“I’ve told people for years that Chuck Barris supported a lot of struggling artists,” Reubens told In truth, contestants weren’t supposed to make repeat visits to “Gong Show.” Reubens had to disguise himself in his various acts lest the show run afoul of the FCC rules that govern game shows following the quiz show scandals of the early 1960s.

I mean, honestly, I don’t even watch the show, but these pictures are incredible.

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In lieu of that, I’ve consulted one of my favorite books, Iona Opie and Moira Tatem’s sadly out of print “The sexton of St.

Mary’s watched her rake up the dirt with her foot, and after depositing something in the ground, carefully cover it up.

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