The vandals internet dating superstuds rar

an excellent last song to end another great effort by the vandals. If you don't, well, I'm sure you'll put your two cents in down below the review. If You've never heard the vandals, I wouldn't recommend this as a first. I mean, the "internet savvy jokes" the art seems to be attempting to make... I mean, it's slightly, quickly, amusing that the pop-ups cover most of the lyrics. oh yeah, one more thing: the potential comedy goldmine of the vandals being internet dating superstuds was so amazingly overlooked it makes me nauseous.There’s also an option to get an autographed copy of the Paul Frank Industries designed IDSS 17″ x 23″ poster with your download.

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(I'm trying to come up with an adjective other then rockin, bear with me) My Brain Tells My Body: Great Song. My Brother Is Gay seems personal to whichever band member wrote the song, so I won't criticize it. Vandals to me, in that the subject matter has been pretty much done into the ground by other bands.

Disproportioned Head is about a real person the band knows, as is Where's Your Dignity? And as the lights go dim, don’t think it’s all so grim. CHORUS: Set the controls for the farthest star and fly away. No one here is going to miss you much but I wish you luck on your trip- run away. Planet earth never offered much, just culture shock and and a lot of strange looks from the native assholes.

Both of these people are in bands more popular than The Vandals. At least we all go out together heading off to never-never land. Ground control there’s no one there, we haven’t heard a word from his interstellar patio chair.

A song you will listen to and think "Jesus, where was this song when person A had broken up with person B." it's also a well written, tight song. The message this song has has been done into the ground.

But sense we're talking about punk on a website I'm sure you'll agree that no matter how it's meant to be taken, pop-up ads fucking suck and are the devil and they will never ever get any laughs from anyone, unless its about X-10 cameras and your mom.

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