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Original Vetiver is Creed's modern take on the classic Vetiver fragrance.Vetiver fragrances traditionally derive their scent from the root of the plant.

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This can lead to our partner feeling unloved, uncared for, used, angry, etc.

When your partner comes in from work instead of ignoring him/her a simple would be a nice thing to say.

When you were first with your partner you may have sometimes come in with flowers, chocolates, some small gift, you may have written little notes and left them around the house saying how much you loved your partner - these kind of gestures can keep a partner feeling cared for, noticed, appreciated - these gestures don't need to stop as the years go by. Believe it or not some people seriously think their partner does not love them anymore because he/she doesn't say it any more.

Sorry beloved Creed, c'est la vie I finally received a decant of this yesterday. I’m also finally able to figure out the few different floral elements that make up this abstract fresh scent. I just received a small sample of this, but I've drawn my conclusion already. Then the dry down appears to reveal none other than.... Call me crazy, but I own Aspen (see my review) and even did blind tests of both with family members. of course i get the cool water comparison in the top notes but thats it. I will have to update this review as I have only just received this scent.

I was really excited to find out what GIT actually smells like. This is the real deal though, it’s potent, it’s complex, it’s rich. In the end, I find this smell a bit dated, but not dated in that ’60s Guerlain or vintage Dior sense, it’s just very ’80s/’90s to me. the dry down of this frag is absolutely beautiful and natural smelling. I did not realise initially that this was a "male" scent but I don't really care. Edit: So, this is a really sharp, strong green smelling scent. It either fights with other scents (for me) or overwhelms them.

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