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and just bc you guys are in media you shouldn't care about being care for are feelings but care about what God wants you guys to put out in the world !I gotta disagree with Gia on the idea of not moving in.Being "bi-curious," "gay curious," and "questioning" refer to people who are unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. People who are "curious" or "questioning" often go through a period of self exploration. They may experiment with their feelings and attractions to see what identity would best describe them.Some people question whether they are lesbian or gay. is a phenomenon in which people of a heterosexual or homosexual identity who, while showing some curiosity for sexual activity with a person of the sex they do not favor, distinguish themselves from the bisexual label.I am a totally blind from birth, bisexual Christian.My attractions stem from the sound of a person's voice, the smell of their cologne or perfume, the feel of their soft hands, how affectionate they are, (I really need lots of affection), the way they treat me, (treat me like a princess, and I'll probably fall like a pack of cards), even the sound of a lovely name.

Do I feel strongly attracted to people of both genders?I want women to start refusing to have relationships that aren't on their I been listening for a minute now and this is the first post cast that you guys are totally WRONG !!!The terms heteroflexible and homoflexible are also applied to bi-curiosity. Do I imagine relationships with someone of the same gender?The term bi-curious implies that the individual has either no or limited homosexual experience in the case of heterosexual individuals or no or limited heterosexual experience in the case of homosexual people, but may continue to self-identify as bi-curious if they do not feel they have adequately explored these feelings, or if they do not wish to identify as bisexual. If I have dated or had a sexual experience with someone of the opposite gender, how did it make me feel?

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