Tversity library not updating

This method does not require you to setup another user account in Windows; you simply login with the username 'anonymous' with the password field left blank one time. I'm going to write this guide as simply as I can so, hopefully, it’s easy to follow.

// A Wee Bit 'O Background // After trying every possible way to get my unit working how I wanted I gave up and just settled for viewing all my media under MEDIA SERVER.

Update WDTV profile to avoid transcoding AC3 in MP4, and WMA Pro.

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TVersity streamlines the experience by offering a single interface in which you can organize access to your media from your 360. The only restriction on the use of the free program is the content you can access.Better yet, this is THE ONLY Microsoft program that is easy to install and use. It is imperative that you install version 11 because the previous versions haven't been written to help stream media to the Xbox 360.Note: Do not miss this step as windows media player is a very important part of the process.Pro version costs , watch premium Internet content on your TV (including full episodes), from sites like Hulu (US only), BBC i Player (UK only), Joost, Sling, and many more.Media Server Version 3.8 Add Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) support. Improve off-screen browser support for BBC i Player and for NBC. Media Server Version 3.7.1 Previous release broke audio and photos with Roku (while fixing video by including a workaround for a Roku firmware bug), this release restores proper operation with Roku for audio, video and photos.

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