Umenyiora is dating

“He’s exercising his rights as an American,” Umenyiora tells The Independent. He’s calling attention to an issue that people are trying to sweep under the rug or that most athletes tend to stay away from.

“Here he is, a famous guy, a famous athlete and he’s taking a stand for something. I wish more athletes would do exactly what it is that he is doing in some capacity. “They will struggle to repeat what they did last year,” he says.

London-born Osi, famed for his nine years with the New York Giants and now an NFL UK ambassador, believes the homegrown rugby players he has watched over the last few weeks could make the transition into the sport.

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He is adamant that he has spotted the British World Cup duo who he feels could make the grade and aims to approach them after the tournament.

Speaking on the eve of this big sporting weekend's NFL game at Wembley Stadium between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins and England's World Cup Rugby game between England and Australia, Osi, 33, said: "I want to help bring in some British rugby players to NFL.

Source: nothing like black love…Osi Umenyiora Engaged To Leila Lopes Big congratulations are in order for NY Giants baller Osi Umenyiora and former Miss Universe Leila Lopes. Ositadimma “Osi” Umenyiora (31) who plays the defensive end for the New York Giants and the international beauty queen Liela Lopes (26) who recently relinquished her crown as Miss Universe, 2011 announced their engagement via social networking site, twitter. Here in NL you see a girl telling a fellow man WTF, F.. Watch out coming soon Actually she is from Angola and she won Miss Universe.

The newly engaged couple spent this week in Europe with friends and family (his brother Okwi and his wife) visiting such sights as Rome, Paris, Monte Carlo and posted photos from Twitter and instagram. Source: I were his mum I'll kick against it º°˚˚˚°º‎​oohh . I am also asking when did they start dating to be engaged already.

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