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Now that I am "single again," I wondered what was new in online dating in 2015.Emily Bartz, dating content manager for Next (which provides independent reviews and research of online services for consumers and small businesses), told me that online dating sites are becoming better at matching you to potential dates and online dating is increasingly being done on mobile phone dating apps."The biggest complaint people have about online dating is wasting time with people they have nothing in common with.As an international student that had never lived in the USA before starting college, I feel as though Loyola was an excellent choice for me.Everyone (the students, the professors, the athletics coordinations/coaches) is so friendly, and due to Loyola's size, after the first few weeks of school you can't walk across campus without seeing a close friend!Despite the high acceptance rate, the academics are challenging yet interesting, and therefore worthwhile.Loyola's core curriculum, although intimidating at first, is extremely valuable in ensuring every student's education is well rounded (plus it helps to break up the classes for your major, which certainly helps me to stay focused by doing something different).Gary Williams, who coached the Terrapins from 1989 to 2011, led the program to its greatest success, including two consecutive Final Fours, which culminated in the 2002 NCAA National Championship.

The article, which highlights several people’s reasoning for not dating beautiful men and women, has sparked outrage on the internet.“When men get to a certain age, they realize that it’s important to meet a life partner that they connect with,” she said.

Specifically, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking have become more prevalent on college campuses.

As a campus community, it is important that all community members have a clear understanding of the complex issues surrounding sexual violence.

Dating sites are now steering you toward people who have similar tastes in movies, music, religion and education, " Bartz said.

"And people are spending more time on their phones and the dating sites know this.

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