Updating army records

(1) (Bertramstrasse - located behind the Main Post Exchange) was formerly a German women's teachers college.During the war it was used by the German Luftwaffe as a recruiting center.The ACCP Course hours attachment below will be used to establish the correct course hours to give a Soldier when updating e MILPO.The ACCP Course Hours attachment below is not limited to the courses listed.Thanks to Andrew of MMR, there was no rush on this album, instead an exchange of ideas and suggestions such as the opening intro (I was never a big fan of intros) but the one on the CD is exactly what was missing.I also had a pleasure to co-write one of the songs on with our record label mate Marc Farrano of Faith Circus. Lots of work but great results, makes even more special. We can wait to share it with all our fans out there! And as of right now, this is the ONLY place you can order the set and be assured a copy.

e MILPO allows authorized users to update and maintain a Soldier's ACCP, Distance Learning, and e Learning data not received from ATRRS.American servicemen enjoy the view from the Terrace Cafe at Schumann Theater across the street from the main train station.Hotel Excelsior (left) and Hotel Carlton (right) were requisitioned and used by the US Army. The special street car #39 (reserved for use by US personnel) turns into the Karlstrasse in downtown Frankfurt on its way to the Headquarters Compound (IG Farben Building) in this photo from around 1946.The derequisitioning was possible due to a joint effort by the Frankfurt Military Post, HICOG, EUCOM and German officials to fund the construction of two new office annexes behind the Headquarters (= IG Farben) Building - at the rear of the Frankfurt Casino.The ) has housed at various times (since the beginning of the Occupation) the Frankfurt Screening Board; MG (= Military Government) historical division; US Army Air Lift Support Command; comptroller, FMP (= Frankfurt Military Post); FMP provost marshal section; US Displaced Persons Commission; International Refugee Organization (IRO); and HICOG units. 3,500 square feet of the entire 74,411 sq ft of floor space will be retained for use as FMP's central police station; the remainder will revert back to its original owners - the Allianz Insurance Company.

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