Updating bios error loading driver

My motherboard model is p4m890T-M2, I want to update the bios but the problem is I've never done it before.

I'm guessing that If I screw it up im done with that mobo for good?

So, if anyone knows how can I resolve this, help would be gladly appreciated This is quite an old topic, but I looked for the solution myself and found it.

In safe mode I can't start because it starts complaining about the battery: "There is no battery installed or the battery is lower than 30%.".(#1) Wry winphlash error 1275 Newbie Videocard: Saphire 1900xt 256 Processor: core Mainboard: Memory: Rosewill 1.5gb Soundcard: sound blaster audigy PSU: 450wat power suply Help on Updating BIOS...

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The current system specs: HP Pavilion a1110y PC (Model #: PY195AV-ABA)Processor: 2.93 Ghz Pentium 4 CPU Socket LGA775Memory: 3.25 GB RAMBIO Version/Date: American Megatrends Inc.

I get an error message shortly after the BIOS screen appears that reads:"Default BIO settings have been loaded due to BIOS update or checksum issue. Otherwise, allow the PC to continue."I tried clearing the CMOS Memory and attempting to update the BIOS again, but I got the same result.

At this point, I'm not sure what else to try in order to get the BIOS to update properly.

If the flash goes bad then it doesn't mean the end of your motherboard but it could mean a trip to a PC shop to get it fixed or the BIOS chip replaced because they are usually socketed.

This of course will cost you something, but i don't have any idea how much.

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