Updating ipod without itunes

From i Tunes 10.5 onwards Apple no longer bundles Quicktime as part of the i Tunes installer (see for details).As of V1.013 the Copytrans Drivers Installer product does not warn you if it cannot find/install Quicktime from the i Tunes installer set being used.Summary We know i Pod is set to automatically sync with i Tunes when it's connected to the computer, but how to put music on i Pod without i Tunes if you don't want the sync happen? You might have your music saved on multiple computers and it is not that easy to manage an i Pod with many i Tunes libraries.Every time you connect an i Pod to a different computer, the i Tunes on that machine will warn you that Your i Pod is synced with another i Tunes library.Yet, to set up a new i Pad, users had to plug it into a PC or Mac running i Tunes and use i Tunes to activate the device. With new i Pads, i Phones, and i Pod Touches, you can simply go through the setup process after turning on your new device without ever having to plug it into i Tunes.Just connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network and log in with your Apple ID when prompted.Below, we've outlined step-by-step how you can download i OS 5.0.1 (and every future i OS update!

The download took about 3 minutes from beginning to end on my home's wireless connection. One of the best alternative ways of managing the i Pod without i Tunes is installing the software Amarok.A media device plug-in is required to use the application.Apple's i Pod is a portable multimedia device that is meant for playing and storing of MP3 and AAC format supported audio files.The application i Tunes is used to manage the contents of the i Pod but it can have compatibility issues with the OS of a given computer system and hence alternatives to i Tunes are very much in demand.

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