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The revelation was first reported Tuesday by PC Mag.According to the Web tech publication, reporters there were tipped off by a source on Monday night.We have curated this list of popular torrent websites in 2016 based on their popularity on the internet.

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Lime Wire is under a court order dated October 26, 2010 to stop distributing the Lime Wire software. Lime Wire LLC, its directors and officers, are taking all steps to comply with the injunction.But first try this: go to Frostwire Before that, and if applicable to your set up, ensure you are running a recent version ..something between say 4.18.6 and 4.21.8, available from Old - Windows or Old - Mac.Thanks Thanks Ben The thing is that I was not seeing the admin account from that page. I tried the suggestion below (#106218) and was able to login but the admin page that appeared was stripped of all privileges; no menu, no option to change password, could not create survey, user edit had no option to change password. Seems as though something is missing in a table somewhere that provides users with privileges? El Juez wrote: Hi Ben I saw lot of post from you searching how to reset the password for admin.We have been regular in publishing the lists of best torrent websites on the internet for the last two years.

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