Updating wm5

At first I thought it was noisy though soon got use to it.Product Updates require your ASI User Name and Password.this rom update apparently fixes cf card problems and makes the device much more responsive.there are two download links depending on if you have a “v” version or not, so make sure you grab the right file.

they make a piece of $%^& and now expect the consumer to buy the upgrade???You really need to leave at least 1/4 of the barrel space free for movement. I'm actually very happy with my WM5, I live alone so it is very practical.Also, if it's ever seems too wet, check the instructions on emptying the little filter on the lower RHS, I tend to find my Bobby pins blocking the pump! I love the daily quick setting as it only takes 39mins and the spin speed is 1000 so you cut down on drying as well.Persistent Memory Storage, the Windows Mobile 5 ROM-RAM paradigm, changes the way Pocket PCs manage data and system memory.Previously, a Pocket PC's internal RAM pulled double duty as both a storage medium and system memory, but Persistent Memory Storage moves Pocket PCs a step closer to PC-like functionality.

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