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Please note Frank Igoe will also travel to South Walpole, East Walpole, Medfield, Norwood, Norfolk, North Scituate, Sharon, Foxboro, Millis, Foxborough, Westwood, Dover, Canton, Wrentham, Stoughton, Medway, Franklin, Mansfield, Sherborn, Dedham, Hyde Park, Readville, Plainville, Holliston, Sheldonville, Randolph, Avon, Needham, Easton, Stonehill College.

We've been working with F&W for almost a year now and they are fantastic.

I have had a problem with mice in my house and the previous company I used wasn't solving the issue. Karl the tech was knowledgeable about mice and I hope we can get rid of them. I have been dealing with him for years and he is a very caring person. F&W have helped us once for a problem with a very large hornets' nest and just now for a problem with carpenter ants. I have also on occasion used F&W for carpenter ants. They continue to monitor my home for termites and thanks to F&W I have had no termite activity. He explained everything he was doing to treat my home. Your service people have always been terrific, you've always returned if there was an issue - I think your company is A Note also that I do the 4 month mosquito abatement each year and that also is outstanding -. HE FINALLY AGREED TO OPEN ALL STATIONS AND INSPECT. They come out immediately and very professionally took care of my problem.

He is an asset to your company and he is the reason I use your services. Offered suggestions, and really put my mind at ease. Since then I have signed a yearly pest control plan with F&W and they have been nothing but professional and extremely helpful in keeping my property protected from further problems. Everyone we dealt with, from the person who answered our initial call, to the inspector and technician who came to the house, was knowledgeable and courteous. Mice in exurbia are a fact of life, but I don't have to live with them.

Quite simply, if your home is not listed on the MLS, then you’re missing nearly the entire market.Another thing (that might not make sense to the average person) is cutting the hair actually makes it grow faster and healthier.So, don’t make the mistake of letting your hair “grow out,” thinking that you’re making it healthier. The servicemen have been very thorough in checking and treating our property. Jimmy was our technician this visit and he was very professional, most pleasant and he took the time to answer all of my questions. I had some mice infestation from construction being done in my neighborhood.I have been using this service since December 2016. They also pride themselves in using pet-friendly treatments. I have been using F&W since I purchased my home in 2002 to monitor for termites after discovering a previous termite problem during the home inspection. I've been a customer since 1997 - Jim Merrill was our 1st serviceman and Graham is our current. THE SYSTEMS HAVE CHANGED FROM DIGGING AROUND HOME TO BAIT STATIONS. THIS WEEK THE TECH INDICATED THAT YOU DO NOT OPEN STATIONS AND INSPECT. WHY DIDN'T YOU SEND A NOTICE TO CUSTOMER ABOUT THIS CHANGE. I researched pest control companies and chose F&W Pest control co.

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