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The couple was originally portrayed by actors Chandler Massey as Will and Freddie Smith as Sonny.Actor Guy Wilson took over the role of Will in January 2014, shortly before the characters became engaged.In 2010, Chandler Massey took over the role of legacy Days of Our Lives character Will Horton, and in June 2011 it was announced that actor Freddie Smith was joining the show as a gay character, and that the show was embarking on its first ever gay romance.By the Fall of 2011 rumors were going around that Will was gay and he was going to be in a relationship with Freddie Smith's character, Sonny Kiriakis.The Beat Nicks are musician Nick Nero and poet Nick Beat, a pair of self-styled truth-seekers who'd better find a gig or they'll be out on the street. See full summary » Floating is the story of a young man's struggle to come of age during a violent period of emotional and financial bankruptcy.The film stars Norman Reedus as Van, a son shouldering the ...

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and Mac Kenzie Falls and of Chad's rude behavior toward the So Random! Still, being the independent person that she was, Sonny allowed a "frenemy" relationship to develop between them, feuding with him over pointless things one second and sharing a heartfelt conversation the next.

They had dated for a while, and kissed for the first time in the episode "Sonny With a Kiss." The So Random!

On internet message boards, the couple is sometimes referred to by the portmanteau "Wil Son" (for Will and Sonny).

Will is the son of the supercouple Lucas and Sami and Sonny is the son of the supercouple Justin and Adrienne.

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