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Troyer was not best pleased – but quite frankly, he hasn’t done badly by anyone’s standards.

Here are 7 awesome little celebrities with partners (almost) twice their size.. In 2004 he married former Playboy centerfold Genevieve Gallen – though, following a reported annulment, Troyer and his agent insist that the marriage never took place.

Nevertheless, Genevieve was happy to report in 2009 that the pair had enjoyed 10-times-a-day yogic sex marathons, lasting up to 45 minutes apiece.

See these ultra-small diminutive midget queens wrestle with trouser snakes literally bigger than their fucking limbs, then watch in disbelief as these tiny angels wet up a prick and make it disappear in their mini muffs.

Don't "short" yourself out of this midget extravaganza!

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