Who are the sprouse twins dating now

But there is something more to be seen with Cole and Lili.

Take for example the fact that they both went to Debby Ryan's house to meet her beloved kittens.

Dylan didn’t leak the pics on a Tumblr page himself, Hollywood has learned it was done by an ex-girlfriend.

“The pictures were not staged,” the insider tells us.

This is the perfect example of why you should never send scandalous pictures to someone you are dating.

You never know how they will use these during a break up, so you must simply not do it!

And lately, there has been plenty of evidence piling up that proves these two might just be an item off-screen too. RELATED: Get to Know the Cast of Now obviously the cast is all super close.

If you happen to follow any of the stars on Instagram and Twitter, then you would see they all really do love spending time together, just hanging out.

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Morgan met Sprouse in 2013 when he was on a break from acting with his brother, who also graduated from NYU, with honors.

“The pics were released from an ex that he believes also told the media about him working as a restaurant host a few months back to try to make him look bad.

She is doing a bunch of things to get back at him over a bad breakup.

Unfortunately for Morgan and Sprouse, the pair didn’t last and broke up sometime shortly after graduating.

Do you think she watches First day of Coachella was a success.

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