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His mother was French-Canadian, his father Ukrainian.

Speaking for Alan so beautifully was (I’m realizing now) an all-star cast.” The post continued, naming several stars who paid tribute to Thicke throughout the night: “We heard from our own Robin Thicke who brought up all dear dad’s best friends, Bob Saget, Bill Maher, Alex Trebec [sic] who I had no idea had such old deep ties to our family, the entire cast of including Leo and Kirk Cameron who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time, along with his wife who became an instant friend.” There’s been a significant outpouring of support from Hollywood since Thicke’s untimely death last Tuesday, as celebrities like Demi Lovato, Ellen De Generes and more have posted remembrances of the beloved actor all across social media.There are scientific studies that show that dirty talk dramatically increases sexual pleasure on a biological level. In the worst case scenario, I actually try to say something sexy. In theory, dirty talk should be right in my wheelhouse. And yet, with all that going for me, when I’m placed in situations where dirty talk would be appropriate — like foreplay — I completely freeze up. Putting something into words feels too concrete to me, which sounds crazy coming from a writer, but what’s that old saying — “Talking about love is like dancing about architecture”? But with his CNN contract set to expire in the fall, Cooper, who came out as gay last July (earning him a special GLAAD merit badge from Madonna), finds his name on top of everyone's wish list.PHOTOS: THR's 35 Most Powerful People in Media Mingle at New York Soiree .

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