Who is bow wow dating in 2016

"Can i live (hov voice)" the "CSI: Cyber" star captioned along the photo of the bikini-clad beauty. Will always have love for Bow..please stop attaching my name to everything he does," Cole wrote. "His name should be strong enough to stand alone," she added.Though the mystery woman isn't Mena, fans began dragging Keyshia Cole--who's been rumored to have dated the rapper and actor--into the mix, including @'ing her in the comments section. As previously reported, Bow's friend, Wackstar, accused Cole of egging his car in retaliation against the rapper.Before that though, she did make references to a new man, but previously implied that she was engaged (it’s hard to keep up with her situation after that Birdman love triangle).Bow’s half-hearted denial hasn’t stopped people from weighing in on their personal business, including his ex, Erica Mena.) from his friend Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, who took to Instagram to tell his now-single friend that he's now "got his freedom" and can accompany him to the strip club to help mend.Well, here's what Jones has to say about all that: "As far as Bow Wow, his friend is Omari.Is she on the money about their relationship status? Most of you have been leaning toward the latter, but hey, stranger things have happened. In the event Keyonnah's right about her online love, we've put together a quick timeline of Bow Wow's past relationships so that she's ready for any potential baggage.

” But Mena isn’t showing any signs (at least not publicly) that she wants her old flame back. Gwyneth Paltrow's severe foot-in-mouth disease seems incurable! Fear, self-judgement, anxiety and some #Brad Pitt news and - light! star Erica Mena and rapper Bow Wow aka Shad Moss took a very public turn back in December, however Shad admits now that Erica was the best lady he’s ever been with. ” Another fan then Tweeted at the “Fresh Az I’m Iz” rapper, saying there’s no way he can be talking about Erica, however Bow shut that down quick saying, “No bs…When asked by a fan on Twitter what his biggest regret is Shad replied, “Letting go of 3 women who were wife worthy.

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