Who is fabolous baby mother dating

I wonder what his wife Lorena thinks about all that. Lorena having Benzino as According to my timetable she messed with Fat Joe about four years back, same thing with Michael Vick and I don't know Fabulous' lyrics like that but he went so far as to say something about Vick in a rhyme. Well clearly Fab isn't loosing sleep over it because he still gets down with whoever, whenever he likes to this day. Just last year, before we were privy to this "girlfriend of 6 years" information, he slipped up by trying to make another close source of mine his girl--for the night.

In true stereotypical rapper fashion, Fab saw what he liked and made a move--knowing damn well he had an "exclusive chick" at home.

Fabolous may have a "girlfriend" of six years turned baby mama...Ms. Apparently they were each others' side dish for years before Baby Johan came along.

Yes, Fat Joe who has been married for several years as well.

Jackson was subsequently signed by DJ Clue to his label Desert Storm, and later secured a distribution deal with Elektra Records.

Fabolous' first release, Ghetto Fabolous (2001), spawned the hit singles "Can't Deny It" and "Young'n (Holla Back)", which led Jackson to prominence.

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" This will be the second child for the couple and the third for Emily.Now I didn't want to put this dude's business out there and how he gets down, but dammit it's what I do.He actually asked for my source's phone number via Myspace, called her up to chat for several days, and they eventually met up at his hotel room.Peep what went down straight from the source's mouth: I've been keeping this one to myself for over a year, but when I saw he's had a girlfriend for 6 YEARS I almost spit my dinner on my computer screen!!Last March he came through my city for a mini-radio promo tour, which was top secret and only the radio stations knew about his arrival.

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