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“But I do think addiction is desperately misunderstood by the larger culture.I’m an actor, I work in showbusiness, I meet people who suffer from addiction every single day.She also says something along the lines of her forgetting about the things he did- but, refering to his drug use- she follows it up with (because) he did so many things he SHOULD be remembered for, NOT his drug use.She ends with saying what a hard time it was for her and how 'the other day' she turned on the tv and 'i love you death' was on, 'and there he was' she says, and thats how she likes to remember him.

Its just that something along the lines of that was posted as a quote on her IMDB page and was proved to be fake...

Martha tried desperately to get River to stop using.

And she was one of the few after his death to speak up against the enablers, to rage against the fact that his passing was so heartbreakingly unnecessary, to stop glamourising his story.

River wanted to sing in a film and this would give him a chance to sing.

When River Phoenix fatally collapsed from a drug overdose on the sidewalk outside the notorious Viper Room on Halloween 1993, he was a 22-year-old Oscar-nominated star of the classic “Stand by Me” with a brilliant future in the making. As Gavin Edwards reveals in his new book, “Last Night at The Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind,” the actor was planning to quit moviemaking. That night he headed out into the Hollywood scene with his younger brother, Joaquin, and sister, Rain.

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