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It’s seriously getting to the point that I gotta swing wide around the Halloween costume section at the store just to avoid having to cover my kiddos’ eyes from all the sexy costumes on display! Okay, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but there are plenty that I just don’t want them staring at because they’re soooo…. READ MORE: * Rental nightmare: Are our tenants second-class citizens?* Is there such a thing as being 'too old' to rent?In a lot of ways, 2014 has seen the dating clock reset. But 2014 has also seen another interesting reaction to the Tinder era.

There are various reasons for the success of Tinder – not just the ease of only looking at photos.

If you are an agent/landlord looking to advertise student accommodation on the Manchester Student Homes website please visit the Agent/Landlord page.

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The Student Message Board is a free service for students to meet and chat with other students who want to live together in the Manchester area.

Use the message board to find available rooms and flatmates, or to let students know if there is a room spare in your student house.

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