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In each of us there is also the potential for creativity or destruction. But it is not some evil person ‘doing it to us’ it is our own misguided actions that can be undone by understanding them.This is especially noticeable in connection with our fears, such as fear of illness. The struggle with something that appears exterior can be clearly seen in this dream. Such feelings, such entrance of foreign and destructive forces, is seen by our unconscious as the devil, demons or even a vampire.These don't give the standard dictionary definitions, oh no. Describing Diagnosis and Prescription, these glasses are definitely for doctors or someone who is jaded against them.

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The devil or demon in our dreams usually represents the parts of our own urges and emotions we have repressed or do not feel in control of. In other word it is the Light we are all born with that through fear or ignorance we have turned back on ourselves.

The angers, fears or urges may even feel to us as if they are strong enough to control us, so we represent them as an external force pushing us to some sort of evil. In doing so we have created great chunks of stuff blocking the light causing depression, suicidal impulses, and all the many human pains and suffering.

I was crawling around on my hands and knees and wailing and behaving in a most peculiar manner. But inside my head a tiny voice kept saying, ‘You aren’t completely insane yet – there’s still a chance.’ People around me kept saying to each other, ‘We think she’s possessed by devils.’ My sane voice then said ‘Make the sign of the cross, cast out the evil spirit.’ I kept trying to do that but my hands wouldn’t or couldn’t complete the sign. If you take the images away and simply look at the situation, what is apparent is a huge conflict that Margaret is facing. As I neared the house a number of demons or devils came at me menacingly, trying to stop me getting near the house. That is because the dream is only a virtual reality that are self created images that can be changed. It seemed a bit dark, or maybe morbid is the right word.

The conflict clothes itself in imagery of the Devil because Margaret is afraid of whatever it is that is trying to express. Although they made all the ghostly noises I wasn’t at all afraid of them. The following example shows how lack of fear changes the way we relate to our dreams – and of course how fear creates our awful images. I was with other people but none of them stood out to remain in memory.

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