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There is currently no internet for my Xbox 360, and I haven't updated the system for over a year. Looking on the Xbox Live website I seen there is a way to update the system via USB or DVD/CD.

An Xbox One Wireless Controller purchased in or after June 2015 can take updates wirelessly without connecting via USB cable. This controller has a small, circular 3.5-mm port on the bottom of the controller; controllers without this port must update via USB cable.

If it's in need of these driver updates it will probably say "XBOX ACC" but may something else with an explanation point or warning icon. from win7 to 10 just to use this stupid adapter. everything is up to date and says my drivers are up to date and working properly, controller plugged in via usb works...

Если консоли Xbox 360 не удалось подключиться к Интернету, то обновление программного обеспечения можно скопировать из компьютера на USB-устройство флэш-памяти, а затем установить его на консоли.

Use a Different USB Cable (Wired Only) Update the Xbox One Controller Driver There are two methods to update the driver. This method is update the driver manually via...

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You should be fine to update without anything happening to your drive. You could try to download the update from and update via USB if you continue to get that error. DatChrmoSchwinnGuy said

Адаптер совместим только с Windows 10, актуальной, на конец 2017 года, версии (Redstone 3 1709 Fall Creators Update) и старше. Так же есть комплект XBox One геймпад + новый беспроводной адаптер Геймпад Speedlink Quinox Pro USB. Обзор.

???Read First??? * WATCH IN 1080p* ! Hi today i´ll Show you how to update your xbox 360 with an usb drive. just follow the steps in the Video. Newest update...

Flashing via USB. mikedeech94, Mar 23, 2011. If you are updating a jtag, it will turn your xbox to a retail, or brick it. Not sure. Click to expand...

Имя файла: Dashboard-Xbox-360-Update-17511. Для обновления приставки вы можете скачать архив и скопировать содержимое архива в корень USB Flash и вставить в приставку.

If you cannot connect your Xbox console to the internet directly to receive a system update, there are other options. Copy To A USB Flash Drive. You can also update your Xbox 360 console software by downloading the update to your computer from, burning the update to a CD or DVD, and...

Thanks for this. nowadays I travel to my holiday home with my xbox one and the internet is really terrible at certain periods, so i cannot leave the xbox on overnight as it keeps disconnecting. so downloading during night via pc then updating via usb is my only option when im away.
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